We enable people to create buildings making strong impressions, which are
in harmony with their surroundings and help protect the environment.


KERALIS® sinter firing process
1,200° C firing temperatures for highly condensed ceramic tiles.

High-performance surface
Consistently attractive appearance, and maintenance-free for the long-term.

Graffiti protection
Remains effective throughout the entire period of use.

High strength
Facade tiles resistant to pressure; impact and scratch-resistant.

Precisely tailored
Dimensional stability and flatness across a plane to provide an even joint pattern.

Wide variety of shapes and colours
Freedom of design with 50 standard colours und seven standard surface.

Low dead weight
Single layer facade tile, of only 28-35 kg/m² with high strength.

Safety of the system
High degree of security: Non-flammable – material class A1.

Rapid and simple installation
Flexible installation without clips or visible fasteners.

Acknowledged system technology
Practically focussed solutions and system constructions acknowledged worldwide.

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