So much freedom is an absolute must

Design whatever you like, we will take care of the rest. Your ideas need no longer fail because of what required technically. And not in the least if they are realised using TONALITY facade tiles. Combine high-quality facade tiles in a variety of formats, numerous colours and with many varied surface textures with classical or modern structural building designs – TONALITY allows you the freedom of unlimited designs. We are not making any great waves here. Apart from, perhaps ‘The Wave’ in Denmark.

Rich variety of designs instead of a grey drabness

TONALITY bases itself on examples from nature. You can choose from more than 50 standard colours and designs. And should your desired colour be missing from this broad spectrum, then almost every shade of colour can be realised as a special colour. Long-lasting colour fastness and UV resistance are however still standard practice, naturally.

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Variety on the facade

Superficially, more than a mere facade. In addition to the wide range of colors and designs, we are expert at designing surface finishes. And thanks to the KERALIS® sinter firing process, TONALITY facade tiles receive an unprecedented even, smooth and dense surface.

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Every facade is like a tailor-made suit

Flexibility of design begins with flexibility of shape and size. TONALITY facade tiles can be produced precisely, to within one millimetre from 150 x 300 mm up to 400 x 1,600 mm.

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When ideas go beyond the scope

New ways to go are also evident in new colours and surfaces. With its facade tiles, TONALITY aims to make sustainable ideas a tangible reality for new and independent buildings. In order to be able to realize these extraordinary buildings, customized facade bricks are required.

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Seeing and not being seen

Privacy and sun protection cannot be integrated into a facade any more naturally. It is all the same whether you are using Lamella, Baguette or Square elements: The TONALITY® privacy and sun protection blend harmoniously into the overall facade design as a solitary design element with metal, ceramic, glass or plaster.

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Facades can also get around curves

The correct sub-structure fits between an individual facade design and a high-quality installation. TONALITY places great value in systems which can also introduce extraordinary design formulations such as curvature or mixing different grid heights skilfully and effortlessly into a single scenario.

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High-performance surface
Consistently attractive appearance, and maintenance-free for the long-term.

Graffiti protection
Remains effective throughout the entire period of use.

High strength
Facade tiles resistant to pressure; impact and scratch-resistant.

Precisely tailored
Dimensional stability and flatness across a plane to provide an even joint pattern.

Wide variety of shapes and colours
Freedom of design with 50 standard colours und seven standard surface.

Low dead weight
Single layer facade tile, of only 28-35 kg/m² with high strength.

Safety of the system
High degree of security: Non-flammable – material class A1.

Rapid and simple installation
Flexible installation without clips or visible fasteners.

Acknowledged system technology
Practically focussed solutions and system constructions acknowledged worldwide.