Fire and earth for the highest product quality

It all comes down to the mixture. Aesthetics, fire resistance, durability and workability have been inherent characteristics of TONALITY high quality and innovative facade tiles for decades.

KERALIS® sinter firing process

1,200° C firing temperatures for highly condensed ceramic tiles.
TONALITY facade tiles are manufactured using the KERALIS® sinter firing process. Only first class clays suitable for sinter firing can be used for this. Following appropriate preparation, the clay mixture is placed under significantly higher pressure even before leaving the extruder than with comparable products. Not least the high firing temperatures of over 1,200° C change the highly condensed molecular structure of the ceramic body into an inimitable cladding tile, which merits the name TONALITY. And which commands unique characteristics:

High-performance surface

Consistently nice look and maintenance-free in the long-term.
Thanks to the KERALIS® sinter firing process, TONALITY facade tiles receive an unparalleled even, smooth and dense surface finish. At the same time these unique surface characteristics create a consistently high-quality, attractive visual aspect and remain maintenance-free in the long-term. The lifelong colour fastness and UV resistance allow TONALITY facades to remain radiant from the first day to the last. In addition the facade is dirt-repellent, counteracting moss or algae forming and it is not affected by any environmental or weathering influences.

Graffiti protection

Permanently effective throughout the entire period of use.
Another advantage of the KERALIS® sintering firing process is the integrated graffiti protection, which remains permanently effective throughout the entire period of use.

High strength

Resistant to pressure, impact and scratch-resistant facade tiles.
TONALITY facade tiles are simply strong performers. For the KERALIS® sinter firing process ensures tile bodies are resistant to pressure, and are both impact-resistant and scratch-resistant. That makes them not only insensitive to damage during transportation and installation, but they also remain frost-resistant, water-resistant and resistant to sea-water throughout their entire period of use. In addition these ceramic elements only display low thermal expansion. Thanks to these specific product characteristics, single layer TONALITY facade tiles can be used in all climatic regions of the world, and on the grounds of their low dead weight are easy to handle, even in large formats.

Precisely tailored

Dimensional stable and flat across a plane to provide an even joint pattern.
TONALITY facade tiles leave the factory with absolute dimensional stability and flat across a plane. This provides an even and precise joint pattern on the facade without any overlapping or protrusions. And the tiles which are individually cut, precise down to the last millimetre permit rapid, simple installation, which therefore also saves time and money.

Wide variety of shapes and colours

Design freedom with 50 standard colours und seven standard surface finishes. 
TONALITY represents a wide variety of design possibilities instead of a grey drabness. More than 50 standard colours and seven standard surface finishes provide inspiration for an unlimited abundance of designs. If a completely new colour or a unique surface finish actually does materialise, we can also realise this in the acknowledged TONALITY quality. Long-lasting colour fastness and UV resistance as well as permanent graffiti protection* are included. Anything else is just a facade.
* Exception: Series TONALITY® BRICK RED

Low dead weight

Single layer facade tile of only 28-35 kg/m² with high strength.
TONALITY facade tiles can be manufactured as a single layer with a low dead weight of only 28-35 kg/m², thanks to the KERALIS® sinter firing process. At the same time the tiles display an enormously high strength, which has a positive effect on the static engineering properties of the entire facade. Summing up, thanks to the low dead weight, the primary sub-structure can be reduced considerably. This saves time, material, and with this, also money.

Safety of the system

High degree of security: Non-flammable – material class A1.
As part of a suspended, rear-ventilated facade, TONALITY provides a high degree of security and retention of value. Through their use of tiles fired at over 1,200° centigrade, which are classified as non-flammable in the German building materials class A1 according to EN 13501-1. Using aluminium sub-structures, which alongside the durability contribute to the structural fire protection and lightning protection. Using system solutions certified not only with national technical approvals, but in addition by the Institut Bauen und Umwelt e.V. (IBU) association with an Environmental Product Declaration – EPD – according to ISO 14025 and EN 15804. Using robust single layer tile bodies for durable, economical and safe facades.

Rapid and simple installation

Flexible installation without clips or visible fasteners.
Installation has never been so easy: hang it in place, you’re done! No clips, no visible fasteners, no stress. And whether we now work from the bottom to the top, from right to left or from the top to the bottom, both the adaptive system (ADS) as well as the base clinch rail system (BAS) are entirely flexible here. Even during subsequent replacement of damaged tiles. And on safety grounds, an optional, integrated dismantling safety can also be activated. Flexibility can quite simply be fast.

Acknowledged system technology

Practically focussed solutions and acknowledged worldwide system constructions.
TONALITY facade tiles with the advantage of the KERALIS® sinter firing process combined with the adaptive system (ADS) or the base clinch rail system (BAS) provide reliable, practically focussed solutions, and have acknowledged worldwide. One of the best qualities of the acknowledged systems is not even visible here: the installation. Always a must for TONALITY without any added costs. In addition, the systems which have been tailored to one another in an optimum fashion provide the highest degree of security even in extreme situations, which international earthquake tests have already demonstrated.

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