Two systems for all building facades

As part of a suspended, rear-ventilated facade, TONALITY provides a high degree of security and value retention. The mechanical, hidden fixing systems skilfully and effortlessly combine extraordinary design concepts such as curved elements or mixtures of different height formats in built environments.

Installation has never been so easy: hang it in place, you’re done! No clips, no visible fasteners, no stress. And whether we now work from the bottom to the top, from right to left or from the top to the bottom, both TONALITY fastening systems are entirely flexible here. Even during subsequent replacement of damaged tiles. And on safety grounds, an optional, integrated dismantling safety can also be activated. Flexibility can quite simply be fast.

TONALITY Fastening systems

The TONALITY facade system consists of facade tiles that are profiled on the backside and interlock with patented vertical aluminium profiles. The vertical joints between the tiles are backed by aluminium joint profiles. TONALITY facade tiles can be used under almost all circumstances (in indoor and outdoor areas at every building type and height). TONALITY facade tiles are also suitable for overhead installation (ceiling lining). TONALITY facade tiles have been approved by the German Institut für Bautechnik (national technical approvals / allgemeine bauaufsichtliche Zulassungen) Z-33.1-796 for 22 mm tiles and Z-10.3-798 for a tile thickness of 26 mm). The maximum spans for the facade tiles in relation to the wind load can be obtained from the specific national technical approvals.

A distinction is made between the Base clinch rail system (BAS) and the Adaptive system (ADS), depending on the retainer profile used:

Adaptive system (ADS): high flexibility for variable joint design

  • Varied designs through open/closed joints, in different colours and with different widths
  • Optimum adjustment to static engineering requirements through diverse lengths of support profile

Further technical details on the Adaptive system (ADS)

Base clinch rail system (BAS): especially rapid installation for the highest efficiency

  • Build-up height from 26 mm – a plus point during facade refurbishment work
  • Joint profiles and support profiles in a single element represent rapid and simple installation
  • Joint profile and support profile are connected using high-tech RIVCLINCH technology

Further technical details on the Base clinch rail system (BAS)