Principle of the ventilated facade

The ventilated facade is a highly effective system due to the physical separation of insulation and weather protection. Due to the space between the cladding material and the insulation, air can circulate behind the facade cladding and remove any moisture. In terms of cost- effectiveness, ecology and durability, the ventilated facade is gaining in importance as a superior system in new construction and renovation. This system can be used for almost all building types and heights. The ventilated facade system helps to reduce energy costs and fully complies with the requirements for energy-saving facades. Through the use of adequate insulation thicknesses, the ventilated curtain facade can achieve low-energy and passive house standards.

Rear-ventilated facade system: By structurally separating the thermal insulation and weather protection materials, rear-ventilated façade systems ensure technical and economic certainty together with a high degree of creative freedom. (Image: FVHF)