TONALITY® – also in the future your partner for natural facade tiles

With effect from December 20, 2017 the newly founded TONALITY GmbH took ownership of the Weroth facade plant formerly owned by Creaton AG. The plant will continue to operate and grow as part of TONALITY GmbH producing high-quality single-layer clay façade products which will be distributed under the TONALITY® brand. The new owners are experienced in the façade market as they were the export partners for Creaton AG in the Middle East for some twelve years.

The new owners Farrokh Sabokrouh and Siavash Djamali announced: ”The TONALITY GmbH will continue to produce the established natural facade tiles without any change in material, composition or production process. In addition, we will further build and develop our established and experienced team of employees.” All current product certification documents remain valid.

TONALITY® review

Acquisition of the Creaton facade plant by TONALITY GmbH and its owners Farrokh Sabokrouh and Siavash Djamali.

With the new production line “Weroth II” one of the most modern façade plants in Europe goes into operation.

Creaton established the Competence Center for special ceramics in Rhineland-Palatinate’s at Weroth in order to produce the TONALITY ceramic facade system.

With the launch of TONALITY Creaton introduces a new age of ceramic façade designs. This revolutionary façade system is a testament to diversity, creativity and efficiency.